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5 Easy, Memorable Mother's Day Gifts

Moms want to feel appreciation and love everyday, but especially on Mother's Day. What better way to show you care by crafting a breakfast experience that is healthy and presented in a manner that is thoughtful.  Here are some tips for mother's day gifts:

Tips For Mom's on Mother's Day:

1.  Start with a heartfelt note of appreciation

Firstly, write down 3 or more reasons why you are grateful for your mom.  Then, recall specific memories. Next, if possible, frame this note in a picture frame so mom can leave at her desk or by her bedside.  Moreover, make it a tradition to write mom a heartfelt note once each year.  In addition, she can replace the note each year in her picture frame.    

2. Create a restaurant environment on your patio or dining table

I am not a fan of breakfast in bed because your mom will likely have to clean up crumbs afterwards!! So, best to create a surprise at the dining table or patio. Additionally, make it feel like she is dining out.  This is especially important given we are in the midst of a pandemic and dining out may not be an option in your city!  Furthermore, set flowers (I love Peonies) on the table.  Also, include a menu of the breakfast items you are presenting. Light a candle, play mom’s favourite music and just create an atmosphere where mom feels catered to!  What an amazing mother's day gift!

3. Create a healthy spread

Regardless if mom is vegetarian/vegan, start with a bowl of freshly cut fruits and vegetables.  Fruits are best consumed on an empty stomach.  If you like, you can also pair it with Living Farmacy’s craft smoothie (shameless plug – especially because you can just prepare in 60 seconds or less!).  I would also let mom know you are starting her day off a great start -- giving her at least 2 servings of fruits and vegetables (with the smoothie) + another 1-2 servings with the bowl of fruits.   Here is a handy link to let you know how many servings of fruits you are giving her based on which fruits and the quantity you are providing.

How Many Servings of Fruits

4.  Make her favourite breakfast meal

What an amazing mother's day gift, breakfast in bed! love avocado toast with a sunny-side-up egg and a splash of balsamic reduction. That is fairly easy to make.  Pick whatever mom loves to eat.  Here are some really good breakfast recipes (some may not be plant-based):

Good Breakfast Recipes

Avocado, egg and toast:

Lots of great ideas here:

5.  Surprise her with a hand-made item   

Handmade gifts and notes from my kids really make me feel loved.  In fact, my daughter has made hand-made hair scrunchies’ using glue gun and old pillow case materials!!  I love any pots for my plants and essential oil concoctions.  Here are some DIY gift ideas that don’t require a lot of time or money but just a lot of love and care.  Some of these materials can be up-cycled as well.  If you have kiddies, this is fun craft project!!!

DIY Craft Projects

How to make no-sew recycled t-shirt Hair Scrunchies:

From trash to treasure – DIY plant pots

DIY Salt-bath botanicals:

DIY Bath Tea:

Showing your mom you appreciate her is not a one day event.  Spread love throughout the year and remind your mom why she is so special.

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