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Our Why

Our journey to create a "delicious" and "good for you" smoothie started about 5 years ago, when our youngest daughter was underweight. Her pediatrician recommended a well-known toddler’s meal supplement beverage to help her gain weight. I tried this beverage and I gagged, not only from the taste but because I was also shaken from the long list of chemical ingredients – many of which I could not pronounce.

I knew in my heart there was a better way.

As a mom on a mission, I came up with an alternative that was made with fruits, vegetables and blended with 10% organic Greek yogurt. This “smoothie” fattened our little girl and because it was also time consuming to make, it became the inspiration for making frozen smoothies.

Image of Kim from Living Farmacy with five glasses of frozen craft smoothies on a kitchen counter.
Image of Kim with daughters drinking with straws from a bottle of green smoothie from Living Farmacy.


Time is the one thing in this world you can't create more of.
By taking the guess work, prep and mess out of your morning breakfast/snack routines, we hope you will spend less time thinking about what to eat and
more time being with who you love, doing what you love.

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