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How to feel alive with self-care rituals

Many of us want to feel the fulfillment that comes with truly living. We want to feel alive and not just simply existing.   What does that mean to feel alive?  Self care rituals help us feel alive.

For me, it is about feeling grounded (feeling calm and centred), being able to discern between what is true for me and what isn’t.  Feeling alive is about doing what brings me joy, connecting with others, being fully present, and cutting out the noise and storylines.  Most of all, it is about being creative and co-creating with the universe.

Feeling this way is not always possible to do every day, but when I consciously and practice self-care, it helps me stay grounded and allows me to feel alive more frequently and consistently. 

Here are my top 5 rituals to ignite and/or nurture myself so I can feel alive.   

My Top 5 Self Care Rituals

1.  Breathe – Deep breaths and visualize breath going into areas of my body that may feel stuck

I place one hand on my heart and another hand on my belly and breathe. Holding my breath for 4 counts and exhaling for another 4 counts. Furthermore, I also listen and feel where energy is stuck in my body and breathe into the area repeatedly until the feeling of tension or discomfort subsides. 

Image of woman standing on boardwalk breathing.

2.  Take a break from the screen, move and be outdoors.

Anytime I can move versus sit in front of a computer or TV, I am more in my body and out of my head.  Whenever I can jump on a rebounder, bike, do qi gong or yoga or simply walk outdoors and be in Nature, I feel more alive.  Detoxing from social media and TV – especially the news also helps me not get stuck into all the noise and storyline.  This allows me to tap into my inner wisdom. Moving is a self care ritual that offers so much more for my body and mind.

Image of woman walking outdoors.

3. Write down and/or share what I am grateful for

A practice that I have with my kids before bedtime is sharing what we are grateful for that day.  It helps us process our day and allows us to state out loud what we are thankful for.  Writing down what I am grateful for, helps us not take for granted the people, things and experiences we have.  It opens us to receiving more things in life we can appreciate. 

Top view of a woman writing in a bullet journal.

4.  Give my body Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for the growth, development and repair of our cells.  Also, it helps with collagen development, absorption of iron, and maintains the immune system.  Moreover, I try to give my body Vitamin C every day, in the form of fresh fruits or vegetables. And if I need more, I use Vitamin C supplements.   Vitamin C helps me stay awake and gives me a jolt of energy.

Alive Craft Smoothie Option

Whenever I want a quick dose of Vitamin C, I drink the Alive Craft Smoothie , this because Alive has strawberries, beets and rhubarb.  In fact, these fruits and vegetables have Vitamin C and have a grounding effect on the body. In addition, red fruits and vegetables are also known to balance the root (red) chakra (1st energy centers in our body associated with safety, survival, security and self-esteem). This smoothie really perks me up.

Top view of fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C.

5.  Go to bed early.

Lately, I been going to bed early - 9pm if I can, and no later than10pm if possible.   Moreover, I feel that when I listen to my body and get the right amount of sleep, I can wake up rejuvenated vs. being distracted from body aches or fatigue from not sleeping enough. Furthermore, a short meditation prior to going to bed helps and no screens 1 hour before bedtime immensely helps.

Image of old, metal alarm clock.

These are my self care rituals to feel alive.   What are yours?



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